Cheap SmartPhone Must know before Buying

Hasil gambar untuk Cheap SmartPhone


Looking for cheap Smartphones is an option for low income or other. The author will share ways for you who want to find a cheap Smartphone so that you don’t buy it wrong. Do not buy a cheap Smartphone instead you spend a waste. here are the basic thing you should know before buying a cheap smartphone.

  • Processor

You have to choose a cheap smartphone with a dual core processor or better with a minimum clock of 1 Ghz. You never choose a bad single core processor/

  • Battery

Battery life is a factor that you must know. Cheap Smartphones are famous for wasteful battery. all you have to pay attention to is that the processor used must be proportional to the battery capacity of the smartphone you bought. Because processor that are must faster usually consume more battery power.

  • Software or application

Most Android OS people are the best choice. but keep in mind manufacturers often add their own interfaces, some interfaces have valuable additional features, or have a much better camera application. But not everything has become much better, some are far more sluggish and non-responsive.

All choices are in your hand, of course we all know the price of quality goods. But if you want to buy a cheap smartphone you should consider what the author shares. hope your day is always fun.



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